Office Buildings & Financial Institutions

Office and Financial Institution Indoor Air Quality

ESMCorp  servicing office building and financial institutions to help them solve various Indoor Air Quality issues.  Office building’s densely populated environments areas paired with occupants varying comfort levels are often why our office building clients give us a call. Both Office buildings and Financial Institutions often needs a level of subtlety and tact when their space is being tested and we bring the highest level of professionalism.  Office Buildings and Financial Institutions often have specific concerns or just need general peace of mind to confirm whether or not their office building is normal.

Many office buildings present questions such as…

  • Is my office HVAC systems are adjusted to maximize safety for employees returning to work?
  • Are my employees working in an ergonomically correct way?
  • What supplemental controls should I consider to keep employees and customers safe?
  • How do I set the temperature to make all my employees happy?
  • Can I document that My Office Air Quality is in Conformance with current ASHRAE,  and CDC guidelines for reducing COVID-19 transmission?
  • Is this roof leak causing any indoor air quality issues?
  • Does my office have abnormal mold or bacteria contamination?
  • Does my office have mold?
  • After water damage or a flood, what is needed to return office spaces to normal use?
  • Can you help us investigate our employee’s complaint?
  • How effective are my recently installed supplemental air purifiers or ultraviolet lights for reducing COVID Risk?

SARS-COV-2 Preventative Response Services

Office buildings layouts can and HVAC systems can increase risk of  the spread of COVID-19. We understand that there are many  things to consider when it comes to mitigating these risks. including the functionality of a buildings HVAC systems, use of operable windows, the occupancy density of common areas, the proper use of singe person office spaces, and much more.

Having worked with many Municipalities and Office Buildings in the State of New Jersey assisting with their COVID re-opening and operating plan, including HVAC system evaluation and improvement and occupancy density determination, we are committed to helping your facility confidently plan away from risk associated from the spread of COVID and its variants.

If you would like to have your office building assessed to determine your buildings COVID readiness, call ESMCorp at 856-764-3557 or email Dr. Lynch at

ESMCorp is highly qualified to answering your questions because getting to the root of the issue is what we specialize in.  Call ESMCorp [(856)764-3557] and we will be glad to have a conversation about your situation in detail.  We will ask you questions that will help us understand and narrow down the potential root issues and best testing protocol to meet your situation and budget.

ESMCorp has the expertise, testing, and monitoring equipment needed to help you.

Some office building testing and monitoring that we perform are…

  • Light monitoring
  • HVAC system ventilation evaluation
  • Ergonomic coaching and training
  • Air quality monitoring that includes temperature, relative humidity, Volatile Organic compounds,  Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide
  • Mold testing

We utilize these testing methods, collect the data, and come up with a remediation guideline that will lead to your Office Building to get back to normal.

If you have any questions about how we can help you, please fill out our contact form, call Dr. Lynch directly at (856) 764-3557, or email him at

Thank you!