Ergonomics Coaching

Ergonomics Assessments and Coaching

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Ergonomic injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and back injuries are often the highest source of lost time and workers compensation costs for most businesses in the U.S. Many employers have purchased ergonomic equipment, however employees often fail to properly adjust the equipment to their unique body dimensions. ESMC specializes in conducting office ergonomics coaching to help employees optimize comfort and reduce risk of lost time injuries.

Contact Dr. Lynch for routine ergonomics coaching to optimize employee comfort and productivity at computer work stations, assembly lines and warehouses.

Areas of Expertise:
Computer Workstation Ergonomics Coaching and Adjustments
Assembly Line CTD Risk Assessment
Manual Materials Handling
Ergonomics Program Development
Safe Patient Handling Programs for NJ Health Care Facilities
Hospital Patient Fall Prevention Programs
Back Injury Prevention Programs in Healthcare Facilities
Written Ergonomics Programs and Recordkeeping