Air Quality, Mold Testing and Industrial Hygiene Services & Consulting in NJ

Certified Industrial Hygiene, Indoor Air Quality, Mold Testing, Hospital Safety & OSHA Compliance Services

Founded by Dr. Richard M. Lynch, Ph.D., CIH, in 1992, ESMCorp solves the most complex workplace Industrial hygiene, chemical, microbiological, safety compliance,  emergency planning / response, and exposure risks facing our clients. We have been leading the industry in monitoring, testing, designing, complying, overseeing, supporting, developing, assessing, and verifying for

Certified Industrial Hygienist    

ESMCorp has 25+ years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers.  Some of the details of our work include

  • Air and Surface Sampling for Chemical and Biological Agents
  • Air Monitoring for Volatile Organic Compounds, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, and Mercury
  • Mold / Microbiological Sampling via Air, Surface and/or Bulk
  • Ergonomics Evaluations and Coaching to prevent chronic health issues
  • Legionella Water Management Programs in long-term care facilities
  • Indoor Air Quality, TO-15 Sampling, Mold Testing in offices, schools, and hospitals
  • Laboratory Safety & Exposure samping to eliminate cross contamination in clean rooms.
  • Occupational Exposure Monitoring for employee health and safety
  • Litigation Support as an expert witness for both the Defense and the Plaintiff.
  • OSHA Compliance & Record keeping
  • Ventilation System Evaluation to ensure fresh air supply and industrial contamination control
  • Post Emergency sampling for Flood and Sewer damage to ensure cleanliness

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