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Certified Industrial Hygiene, Indoor Air Quality, Mold Testing, Hospital Safety & OSHA Compliance Services

Founded by Dr. Richard M. Lynch, Ph.D., CIH, in 1992, ESMCorp solves the most complex IAQ,  chemical, microbiological and ergonomics exposure challenges.  Whether a biotech or chemical manufacturer, R&D or healthcare facility, or school, office or homeowner, having quick access to a highly qualified Certified Industrial Hygiene expert can expedite successful resolution of problems.  Who you call first really matters!

NJ’s Indoor Air Quality and COVID-Reopening Experts – With Schools, Offices, Medical Facilities, Colleges and Government buildings reopening, the need to verify excellent indoor air quality, effective ventilation, and adequate filtration has never been more important!  As the leading Certified Industrial Hygiene consulting firm in NJ, ESMCorp has been assisting Schools, Colleges, Manufacturing, Healthcare and retail establishments with their COVID-Safe Building re-opening plans.

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Certified Industrial Hygienist    

Why ESMCorp?  Because we believe:

  • Every worksite, office or residential exposure situation is unique. When clients decide to call us, the issue is important, and deserves our full attention.
  • Exposure assessment, data interpretation, and exposure control is impacted by site-specific characteristics.
  • All exposures are controllable. We will follow appropriate health and safety procedures, in the course of performing professional duties, to protect clients, employers, employees and the public from conditions where injury and damage are reasonably foreseeable.
  • Our scientific training, credentials, commitment to continuing professional development, and experience gathered over decades of regulatory, corporate, academic, research and consulting experience can illuminate underlying factors that relate to project-specific challenges and goals.
  • We can team with your facility’s experts to meet your exposure assessment, management, control and regulatory compliance needs.
  • Science 1st ™, Adherence to our Code of Ethics, and our commitment to providing the best Certified Industrial Hygiene Support to clients will help us meet the immediate and long-term needs of our valued clients, while supporting the development of long-lasting trusted and mutually beneficial relationships.

ESMCorp has 30+ years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers.  Some of our services include:

  • Air and Surface Sampling for Chemical and Biological Agents
  • SARS – CoV-2 Air and surface sampling in offices, school, and healthcare facilities
  • Air Monitoring for Volatile Organic Compounds, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, and Mercury
  • Mold , Bacteria, and Virus Sampling via Air, Surface and/or Bulk
  • Indoor Air Quality, TO-15 Sampling, Mold Testing in offices, schools, and hospitals
  • Ventilation System Evaluation to ensure fresh air supply and industrial contamination control
  • Ergonomics Evaluations and Coaching to prevent chronic health issues
  • Legionella Water Management Programs in long-term care facilities
  • Laboratory Safety & Exposure sampling to eliminate cross contamination in clean rooms.
  • Occupational Exposure Monitoring & OSHA Compliance for employee health and safety
  • Litigation Support as an expert witness for both the Defense and the Plaintiff.

Contact ESMCorp today at  (856) 764-3557 or email Dr. Lynch at We are the leading and most experienced Certified Industrial Hygiene, Indoor Air Quality, and Mold Testing consulting company in NJ, DE, NY, and PA area.

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