Management of Mercury in Gym Floors in New Jersey

Mercury in Rubberized Gym Floors

From the 1960’s to the early 2000’s many gym floor manufacturers included mercury in rubberized gym floor products as a catalyst to help keep materials flexible over time.   It is estimated that many thousands of educational institutions ranging from K-12 Public  and Private Schools as well as Community Colleges and Universities across the country installed these mercury containing floors.  In recent years, increased awareness of this issue has resulted in the need for Professional Risk Assessments, Certified Industrial Hygiene sampling and monitoring and Management of mercury exposure.

Few environmental consultants match the professional experience, formal training, or the expertise to deal with addressing this complex issue which has significant exposure, health, risk assessment and risk communication challenges as ESMCorp.  Dr. Lynch has been New Jersey’s thought leader in developing methods and action plans to address these concerns in NJ schools.  The New Jersey School Board Association has published an article Authored by Dr. Lynch illustrating methods which we pioneered for managing mercury in gym floors.  Through our research on dozens of mercury containing rubberized floors in K12 and college gyms, Dr. Lynch was lead author of a recently published (2021) a peer-reviewed scientific journal article on the Mercury in Gym Floors in the Journal of Health Behavior and Policy Review at this link.

Please Contact Dr. Richard M. Lynch, Ph.D., CIH and Mr. Richard A. Lynch, MBA, CIH, CIEC; NJ Licensed Indoor Environmental Consultants for a risk assessment and detailed action plan for your specific school to include:

  • Gym Floor Bulk Sampling
  • Risk Assessment,
  • Air Monitoring/Sampling
  • HVAC Ventilation Assessments, Dilution Rates, and Temperature Control
  • District Technical Support regarding In-Place Management or Removal

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