Our Business Philosophy

ESMC’s Business Philosophy:

Dr. Lynch applies key principles to each client that ESMC serves:

  1. ESMC will work deliberately to quickly understand our client’s needs and goals, and design an investigation approach to address those needs.
  2. We will provide accurate and defensible client-centered (not pre-packaged or boiler plate) information expeditiously, thus allowing the client to use our findings and recommendations to make decisions that apply to their specific situation.
  3. ESMC is committed to “Science 1st TM.” This means we are highly qualified, scientifically trained, and professionally credentialed to assist our clients through hypothesis testing, measurement, and data analysis, in the context of our assignment.
  4. Our clients will “pull” value from ESMC’s focused preparation and continual investment in acquisition of technical expertise, as applied to their unique circumstance.
  5. We believe that safety and health risks can be managed with an informed understanding of the process, available resources and goals, and through the proper application of engineering, administrative and personal protective equipment controls.
  6. Clients should receive data and information from our work quickly, so that they can make timely decisions, manage risk, and protect personnel and assets.

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