ESMCorp Technical Blog: Corona Virus Bulletin (March 2, 2020)

Dr. Lynch prepares technical Corona Virus Bulletin Fill out the form below the summary to get access to the full ESMCorp Technical Corona Virus Bulletin Corona Virus Technical Bulletin – March 2, 2020 Richard M. Lynch, Ph.D., CIH – President Environmental Safety Management Corporation Based upon information through March 2, 2020 At the request… Read more »

It’s Cold! 1-31-2019 Live

  1/31/19: Sub-Freezing Weather has arrived in the Northeast.   Freezing weather raises concerns over the safety of family members, pets and buildings.  Frozen water lines and heating/cooling coils can cause water damage and mold growth to carpet, furniture personal belongings and building materials. Timely professional assessment and response can reduce these losses. If water damage occurs… Read more »

Carbon Monoxide: The Tale of Carbon, Oxygen, and hopefully another Oxygen.

A Carbon and an Oxygen walk into a bar.  Let me know if this joke puts you to sleep because carbon monoxide punchlines are literally asphyxiating.  You may already know some things about the dangers of carbon monoxide and what it can do to you, but you may have questions about where carbon monoxide comes… Read more »

Indoor Air Quality – The winter is coming…

As the weather outside becomes frightful, we must be mindful of how these low temperatures play into Indoor Air Quality.  The outdoor air that is being heated up and circulated inside of a building are going to be the basis behind the Top 3 Things the winter does to impact indoor air quality. 1) Dries… Read more »

Dr. Lynch Authors Mold Prevention Guide for NJ Schools. Call or E-mail Dr. Lynch Today for Assistance

Last month we reported that reported that heavy rainfall, warm temperatures and high humidity, throughout the region were resulting in elevated humidity in schools resulting in widespread momld growth in NJ, PA and NYC schools.  We reported that active management of indoor conditions during the high humidity periods were needed to prevent summer mold growth…. Read more »

Lynch Completes Removal of Mercury Containing Rubberized Gym Floor

In June 2017, we reported that Dr. Lynch co-authored an article in the May/June Issue of “School Leader” addressing the technical challenges with managing mercury containing rubberized gym floors in one school district. Dr. Lynch also designed specifications for safe removal of the mercury containing rubberized floor coverings from gym floors and is currently overseeing… Read more »

CDC Requires Legionella Water Management Programs in Healthcare Facilities and High Rise Buildings

In June 2017 the Centers for Disease Control issued new guidelines for prevention of Legionella growth in commercial buildings and health care facilities. According to the CDC, the number of U.S. deaths from Legionnaires disease has quadrupled (4x) since 2000. Because of this, the CDC requires owners of high rise buildings (>10 stories), health care,… Read more »

Dr. Lynch Called Upon to Investigate Building Related Illness in Antigua

When employees in an Antigua office building reported extreme fatigue, headache and respiratory distress, the Antigua government contacted Dr. Richard M. Lynch, Ph.D., CIH to investigate. Lynch interviewed employees, collected air quality measurements, mold and chemical samples and conducted an HVAC assessment to aid the employer in determining any potential building-related conditions. The findings from… Read more »