Environmental Safety & Health (ES&H) / OSHA Regulatory Compliance Services

Environmental Safety & Health (ES&H) and OSHA/EPA Regulatory compliance represent substantial challenges to large, medium and small Industrial/Manufacturing worksites.  Employers have many obligations to ensure that workers are provided with a safe place to work, “free of recognized hazards” as well as to “comply with safety and health regulations promulgated” by OSHA, EPA, and other Federal and State agencies.  ESMCorp is experienced in providing Certified Industrial Hygiene ES&H consulting for medium and small Manufacturing, R&D, Metal Working, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Fragrances, Food Processing, Warehousing, and Recycling industries since 1992.

OSHA Compliance and ES&H Services for Small/Medium Sized Businesses

Based upon our experience with complying with OSHA General Industry and Construction Industry standards, and our formal training in regulatory compliance, industrial ventilation, toxicology, ergonomics, noise radiation, chemistry, biology, and physics, we provide outsource ES& Program development and management support to our small and medium sized industrial customers including drafting written OSHA regulatory compliance programs for workplace regulatory requirements for:

  • Lead, Chromium, or Silica Exposure Management
  • Hazard Communication
  • Noise and Hearing Conservation
  • Respiratory Protection Program, Respirator Fit Testing & Training
  • Other required written OSHA Compliance programs specific to their facility processes, control equipment and personnel.
  • Routine site inspections, audits sampling and recommendations

If you require OSHA Compliance in NJ or surrounding area Certified Industrial Hygiene Services, Consulting or outsourced Certified Industrial Environmental Safety & Health support in NJ, respirator fit testing, training or routine ES&H program support, please fill out our contact form or call Dr. Lynch directly at (856) 764-3557.