Mold Testing & Mold Remediation Verification

Mold, Water and Sewage Contamination Assessments in Residential, Office, Healthcare and Manufacturing

Unusual mold or bacterial growth may develop from the long-term presence of elevated moisture, humidity, condensation or water damage.  In many cases, this water can be removed, and contents can be dried, before mold grows significantly.  In the case of sudden water damage, such as a burst pipe or flooding from groundwater or sewage, more aggressive steps to remove water, dry, clean and disinfect impacted surfaces should occur to reduce risk for infection and disease.  The experts at ESMCorp are experienced and professionally qualified to help offices, healthcare facilities, schools and homeowners determine the severity and steps to resolve water damage and mold contamination problems.

Mold Testing

The Certified Industrial Hygienists at ESMCorp perform mold testing in buildings to determine if airborne and surface molds are at typical levels predominated by common mold types at typical levels, or alternatively, if abnormal mold levels or types exist.  We utilize a variety of sampling and analytical methods based upon the specific situation.  We utilize AIHA Accredited Environmental Microbiology Laboratories to analyze all mold, bacteria, or other microbiological samples.  Based upon our observations and measurements at the site, and the laboratory results received, ESMCorp provides detailed reports of findings and recommendations.  Unlike many “mold testing companies” who simply collect samples and forward lab results to the client to figure things out for themselves, we at ESMCorp take the time to think about the findings from the site assessment and laboratory results to develop a written narrative report outlining our professional opinions along with any recommendations for our clients.  Since ESMCorp does not perform mold remediation, we do not have any interest in minimizing or exaggerating our findings.

We assist our clients through:

  • Certified Mold Air Surface Testing in Homes, Offices, Schools, Hospitals and Manufacturing Sites
  • Microbial Air and Bulk Testing following Water Damage, Flood or Sewage Contamination
  • Expert Mold Assessment Reports and Mold Remediation Protocols
  • Oversight of Mold Remediation Contractors
  • Certified Post Remediation Verification Air and Surface Sampling Following Mold, Fire or Flood Cleanup

ESMC designs detailed mold remediation protocol specifications so that clients can get fair and competitive pricing from mold remediation contractors.

Mold Remediation Verification

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), OSHA and other agencies have developed generally accepted guidelines for determine when the extent of mold contamination requires professional remediation and oversight or testing by an Independent Environmental Professional (IEP).   The ESMCorp team of Certified Industrial Hygienists hold  the highest credentials in the microbiological testing and assessment industry including American Council for Accredited Certification credentials including Council-Certified Microbial ConsultantCouncil-Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor, and Council-Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant designations.

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