Indoor Air Quality Testing Services

Indoor Air Quality, Formaldehyde, Odor Testing

Air Quality Testing Equipment

Equipment for Air Quality Testing

Odor Complaints?  Employee Illness? Unexplained irritation? Allergies?

ESMC is Expert addressing indoor air quality complaints & Sick Building Syndrome and identifying effective solutions for our clients.  As a Ph.D. Credentialed Certified Industrial Hygienist, Certified Microbial Consultant, and Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor, Dr. Lynch is your best choice for assessing air quality concerns, developing remediation protocols, and oversight of microbiological remediation projects to help protect our clients. Call 856-764-3557 or email Dr. Lynch now to discuss.

ESMC IAQ/Mold Services Include:
 Air monitoring with remote data access (long or short term)
Air monitoring for CO2, CO,  Volatile Organic Compounds
Temperature and Relative Humidity Monitoring
Mold Testing/ Sampling
Mold Remediation Oversight Services
 Allergen Testing & Asbestos Sampling
 Office Lighting Surveys
Legionella Sampling and Water Management Programs
Dust Characterization Sampling
HVAC System Evaluation
Designated Person for School IAQ (K-12)
 Preventative Air Quality Management Programs
Indoor Air Quality/Sick Building Syndrome Investigations

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