Lynch Completes Removal of Mercury Containing Rubberized Gym Floor

In June 2017, we reported that Dr. Lynch co-authored an article in the May/June Issue of “School Leader” addressing the technical challenges with managing mercury containing rubberized gym floors in one school district.

Dr. Lynch also designed specifications for safe removal of the mercury containing rubberized floor coverings from gym floors and is currently overseeing removal of these floors. Through this, we have specialized knowledge of the characteristics of these rubberized gym floors and strategies for addressing them including safe removal techniques and testing and validation protocols.

As each gym’s configuration, floor composition, and HVAC system is unique, we believe our clients should engage an experienced and highly credentialed expert to help manage this issue. .

If your district has mercury containing rubberized gym floors, trust an experienced and highly qualified consultant with the scientific foundations to guide you through this complex issue.

Contact Dr. Richard Lynch, Ph.D., CIH today at 856-764-3557 for:

  1. Rubberized Gym Floor Bulk Sampling
  2. Air Monitoring & Sampling for Mercury
  3. Mercury Risk Assessment and Exposure Management Plan
  4. Specification Development for Safe Floor Removal
  5. Mercury Risk Assessment & Communication to Stakeholders
  6. Indoor air Quality and Mold Testing

As a Ph.D. credentialed Certified Industrial Hygienist, Dr. Lynch is uniquely qualified and experienced in Mercury and Indoor Air Quality Sampling and Risk Communication. Dr. Lynch has worked with NJ School Officials on these issues, and is uniquely familiar with the particular challenges and exposure guidelines.

For more information on exposure guidelines, monitoring and risk management, or for other Certified Industrial Hygiene, Mold, Air Quality of Healthcare Facility Management support, contact Dr. Richard M. Lynch, Ph.D., CIH today at 856-764-3557.