Corona Virus (COVID-19) Services / Support

ESMCorp Corona Virus (COVID-19) Services / Support

As COVID-19 affects school, business, government, and residential operations, Environmental Safety Management Corporation continues to offer services and support for our clients in new ways.  We understand the complexities involved with operating and maintaining safe and healthy indoor environments with respect to ASHRAE guidelines, governmental updates, and pressures from concerned parties.  Our work has given schools science backed guidance in regards to occupancy density, ventilation modifications and controls, and training for proper cleaning and disinfecting.  If you need support regarding general COVID assistance, please fill out our contact form or call Dr. Lynch directly at (856) 764-3557.

COVID-19 Preventative HVAC & Disinfection Assessments

The decision to reopen schools or offices is based, in part, upon the proper functionality of mechanical ventilation system.  Mechanical Ventilation is needed to dilute contaminants in each classroom, greatly reducing the risk of transmission.  Without mechanical ventilation, contaminants in the air will become concentrated to a point where if there was a case of COVID-19 present, it would spread easily between occupants.

Environmental Safety Management Corporation has been providing COVID HVAC assessments in schools, offices, and medical facilities.  HVAC assessments include a detailed, science based, estimate of safe occupancy capacity.  Mechanical ventilation performance varies and so we recommend that facilities schedule an assessment to determine the actual performance of their ventilation system.

Please Contact ESMCorp for a strategic plan to integrate into your current school occupancy plan!

  • SARS-CoV-2 air sampling with laboratory analysis
  • SARS-CoV-2 surface sampling with laboratory analysis
  • HVAC Assessments
  • Cleaning and Disinfection Review

COVID Indoor Air Quality and HVAC Assessments

The key aspect of a majority of buildings safe use of space is the functionality of its HVAC system.  ESMCorp helps coordinate with facilities managers, HVAC contractors, maintenance people, and building administrators in order to come up with a true and honest assessment of the HVAC performance.  Our assessments have helped schools focus on the real issue with their HVAC systems and create plans to address and improve HVAC rates and performance.  If you would like an HVAC assessment in  your building, please fill out our contact form or call Dr. Lynch directly at (856) 764-3557.

COVID Surface and Air Testing

Many occupants have growing concerns over the heath and safety of high touch areas, common areas, eating areas, and areas of all purposes.  These concerns grown when there is a confirmed case or an occupant starts experiencing symptoms that could link them to COVID-19.  ESMCorp is now capable of testing air and surfaces for COVID-19 and are available for speedy turn around times in order to answer some questions associated with the health and safety of these surfaces and areas.  If you need a quick turnaround time for

  • SARS-CoV-2 air testing with laboratory analysis
  • SARS-CoV-2 surface testing with laboratory analysis

Please fill out our contact form or call Dr. Lynch directly at (856) 764-3557.

Enhanced Cleaning & Disinfection Protocol Support and Verification Testing



Many buildings owners and facilities managers are asking themselves, how many occupants can I have in any particular room and still minimize the transmission of COVID-19?  This question is complex because it requires an in depth understanding about ventilation performance, activity type, physical barriers,  and much more.  If you would like for the experts at ESMCorp to scientifically address your building’s true occupancy density, please fill out our contact form or call Dr. Lynch directly at (856) 764-3557.