Certified Industrial Hygiene, Air Quality & OSHA Compliance

Certified Industrial Hygiene, Air Quality & OSHA Compliance Services


ESMC provides full-service Industrial Hygiene and Safety & Health management services to clients in commercial, manufacturing, health care, schools throughout the NJ , PA, NY, CT & DE areas.

Founded by Dr. Richard M. Lynch, Ph.D., CIH, we can work with your Human Resources, Facilities, or EH&S Staff to meet project needs.   Contact Dr. Lynch for a proposal.

Air and Surface Sampling for Chemical and Biological Agents
Air Monitoring (VOC’s, CO, CO2, Mercury)
Asbestos, Air & Bulk Sampling
Ergonomics Evaluations and Coaching
• Hazard Communication Program and Training
Indoor Air Quality, Mold Testing,  and  Mold Remediation Oversight
• Laboratory Safety Assessments & Exposure Sampling
Noise Monitoring
• Litigation Support
OSHA Compliance  & Record keeping
 Ventilation System Evaluation and Design
Water, Sewerage and Legionella Sampling